Tips For Creating A Harmonious Home Exterior

Tips For Creating A Harmonious Home Exterior

Colors not only influence your perspective, they also add value and character to your home. Choosing the right one, however, can be overwhelming because of the variety of options. Once you have picked the perfect shade, all the time and effort will pay off.


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Gut-R-Dun Exteriors, your premier roofing and siding provider, shares some tips about visual balance on exterior design.

Understanding the Color Wheel

You can limit the contrasting effect and make a serene color scheme by using analogous colors. These colors are positioned right next to each other on the color wheel. Use three on a house’s exterior to promote a calm and relaxing vibe.

Complementary colors, on the other hand, are the hues opposite to each other. They involve two colors like red and green. They produce the most contrast in the most vibrant form. Not all colors, however, can be used in equal amounts.

Warm and Cool Colors

Red, yellow, and orange make up the warm side of the spectrum while blue, purple, and green are the cooler tones. The first set evokes excitement and appears more prominent than their counterparts. They are also more often used in the northern areas of the country while the latter is more popular in the south. Decide on the color of your siding base on the personality you want your home to portray.

Color Tips

Knowing how to play with colors can help you achieve the desired the look. A lighter tone for the trim can draw attention to this part while a soft contrast can make the home pop up. You can also switch up body colors in horizontal bands instead of vertical stripes.

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors offers excellent siding and roofing services to meet your needs. Our partnership with James Hardie® allows us to offer their quality products. You can select from the artful array of durable, fade-resistant colors to fit your preferences. To learn more, call us at (937) 422-7709. We serve residents of Huber Heights, Kettering, and Springboro, OH.

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