Effects of Cold Temperature on Vinyl Siding

Effects of Cold Temperature on Vinyl Siding

It’s almost impossible to ignore the effects of cold weather, especially when it gusts and snows. The chilly temperature, however, won’t only make you shiver but can also affect the exterior components of your home. For instance, your vinyl siding is susceptible to the elements, which may eventually lead to cracking and chipping.


Similar to other plastic products, vinyl siding is sensitive to temperature shifts. The material can break since it becomes brittle in freezing weather. When installing this kind of siding this winter, your contractor should be extra careful.

Fortunately, our team knows how to handle any siding endeavor. We are confident that we can finish the installation right and on time. Working with a licensed contractor like us can also prevent further hassles that come with the project, especially in winter.

Wind Damage

The problem with a poorly installed vinyl siding is its susceptibility to blow-offs. When the material is nailed in too tightly, it buckles and pulls away from the wall. Consequently, the insulation underneath your siding will be exposed, affecting your home’s comfort level.

The solution: work with a contractor who understands all the siding requirements. These pros are aware of the proper spacing for vinyl siding expansion. They also have access to high-quality materials, which gives you the liberty to choose the perfect one that complements your home.

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