Adding Color to your Home with ColorPlus® Technology

Adding Color to your Home with ColorPlus® Technology

The color of your siding is essential to your home’s overall curb appeal. This significant part of your home is the first thing that people usually notice when they pass by your property. When the siding’s color is appealing and attractive, people will instantly have a good impression about your house.

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors, your provider of siding and roofing in Huber Heights, always makes sure that our customers get siding products that will match their home’s personality and style. We offer siding products exclusively manufactured by James Hardie®. Moreover, we rely on their ColorPlus® Technology.

The ColorPlus Technology is a process of applying multiple coats of finish in a climate-controlled facility to give your siding a consistent, beautiful finish. It helps optimize paint adhesion and remove debris. Many homeowners are happy with this technology. In fact, the ColorPlus Technology won the People’s Choice at the DIY Network Blog Cabin 2015, with voters choosing the Iron Gray and Cobble Stone colors.

You can benefit from the ColorPlus Technology as well. Here’s how it can increase your home’s curb appeal.

  • Provides durability
    For many years, your home can have an appealing siding because the ColorPlus Technology is designed with durability and strength in mind. Unlike wood and wood-based products, this technology makes the siding resistant to chips, peels, and cracks, making it last for 15 years.
  • Gives your home consistent finish
    Multiple coats are applied to every surface and edge, making sure that your siding in Springboro, OH, is fully covered and no spots will be left unpainted. This gives your home a great glow because the paint is consistent all throughout.
  • Offers specially designed color combinations
    The ColorPlus Technology comes with a palette consisting of color combinations handpicked by James Hardie designers. This lets you choose your own color combination that will best match your home’s overall theme.

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors is a certified James Hardie contractor. This means that we know and apply their installation processes, assuring you of professional installation. For more information, call us at (937) 203-3677.

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