Water Damage and Prevention

Water Damage and Prevention

Water damage is a concern of many homeowners. As the seasons change every year, heavy rain and melting snow increase the risk of this type of damage. What most don’t realize, however, is that water damage affects different areas of your home, not just your roofing. Water can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to furniture, upholstery, household appliances, and electronic and other home equipment.


Health Risk

Furthermore, even minor water damage also increases the likelihood of mold growth. As mold spores travel through the air, they easily become lodged in air ducts. This means that even a small water leak can have far-reaching consequences that can last for years. Mold growth poses serious health risks, especially to children. Exposure to mold spores can cause rashes, sinus infections, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

This is why it’s important to take the right steps before water damage occurs. Gut-R-Dun Exteriors offer not just excellent siding and roofing services but also quality materials for your home in Dayton and its surrounding communities. This keeps your home exterior in top condition, safeguarding your home and everything in it.

Best In The Business

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors work with only the top names in roofing and siding materials, providing only the best construction, repair, and craftsmanship skills. We make sure our team is friendly, well-trained, and use the most trusted brands in roofing and siding materials. This includes roofing and siding installation, repair, and replacement as well as roof coating and painting.

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors is a James Hardie Rewards Plus Contractor and has a Vinyl Siding Institute certification. James Hardie siding products are known in the siding industry for providing the look and feel of wood while protecting you not just from water damage but also from rotting, termites, carpenter ants, fire, and woodpeckers. They are specially engineered for the climate in the Dayton area for homeowners looking for quality home exterior products and services.

We are able to offer a 50-year extended warranty that covers 100 percent of the replacement cost of your roof. Most projects require no money down, and we only accept payment after a 100% satisfactory completion.

We are proud to serve and provide roofing and siding products and services in Huber Heights, Kettering, and many other communities near Springboro OH. Call us  at (937) 422-7709 to get started protecting your home from water damage today.

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