Top Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof

Top Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof

Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the condition of their roof. While roofs and gutters sometimes naturally reach the end of their life without experiencing failures, it remains crucial to conduct preventive maintenance measures occasionally. With the help of a top gutter company, your roof can continue to protect you from the elements, including the sun, snow, hail, rain, wind, and others.

Roof Replacement

It may be difficult to know what to look for until it’s too late. One thing’s for certain: if your ceiling starts showing weird colors or water now drips over your head, you may have waited too long.

Make sure you’re on top of your roof’s needs by checking these warning signs.

1. Shingle Condition: Damaged, Missing, Curled, or Buckled

Damaged or missing shingles allow water to penetrate the sheathing layers, leading the entire roofing structure to rot. If you see your roof sagging, this is a sure sign that it is time for a new roof installation.

Likewise, curled or buckled shingles are both signs of an aging roof system. Curled shingles, in particular, are highly susceptible to wind uplift as well as ice and heat damage. If the shingles are curling or losing granules, this could mean that the shingles are nearing its life expectancy.

2. Gutters and Granule Condition

Shingles are normally made up of granules to help defend against sunlight and moisture. These granules are usually worn out by climate conditions over time. When cleaning your gutters and downspouts (and you should do so at least twice per year), look for asphalt pieces as these indicate a deteriorating roof condition.

Bare or dark spots on where the shingles would usually be are signs as well. This means that another layer of shingles might be in order soon.

3. Flashing

This is another area often overlooked. Roof shingle failure as a cause of leaks is actually less common than failure of the flashing. The flashing around chimneys and vent pipes can become loose and the sealant breaks down over time. This may in turn cause water to seep into your attic.

If there are gaps around the chimney and other penetrations, the flashing should be replaced or repaired. Many systems for chimney and gutter protection can help your roofing concerns before they become larger (and often more expensive) problems in the future. It’s often best to leave these kinds of repairs to a trusted gutter company in the Dayton OH area.

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