Roof Warnings: 4 Signs You Need to Get Your Roof Checked

Roof Warnings: 4 Signs You Need to Get Your Roof Checked

Routine inspections to your roofing are a necessity. Unless you want to put your home at risk, you should never skip on this chore. Fortunately for you, Gut-R-Dun are local roofing specialists who provide thorough inspections so you can know right away if you’re in need of repairs or a full roof replacement project.

Roof Checked

Here are four ways to tell if you need a comprehensive roof inspection.

1. Age

Some things can’t last forever, no matter how well you care for them. The older your roofing gets, the more frequent you’ll need to conduct maintenance checks. Make it a point to schedule them for your own peace of mind.

2. Leaks

A thorough inspection will let you know if you can salvage your roof or if it’s beyond repair, in which case you need to install a new one. As leaks in your roofing can cause issues to your attic as well as your siding, it’s vital that you have your roof checked without delay.

3. Missing Shingles

They may be precursors to bigger, more complicated problems. Pay close attention so you won’t have to deal with otherwise avoidable roofing woes. Missing shingles could mean that your roof is failing (or close to failing). Don’t ignore this sign.

4. Daylight

Rays of sunlight peeking through your attic is a clear-cut sign of trouble. Your roof boards may already be compromised. Have a trusted roofer perform a thorough inspection as soon as possible. Furthermore, you might be at risk because of excess moisture.

Even just a quick roof inspection from the experts can save you from a lot of costly repairs. Early detection of burgeoning problems can help you curb problems right at the source before they could get a chance to give you a headache. Keep these in mind so you won’t have to tackle roofing woes.

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors offers top quality roofing services. We serve various areas in Ohio, including, Huber Heights, Kettering, and Springboro, OH. Call us today at (937) 422-7709 to schedule a consultation.

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