Roof Inspection and Maintenance: Finding a Roofing Leak

Roof Inspection and Maintenance: Finding a Roofing Leak

Roof leaks happen at the most inconvenient moments, and getting them fixed can take some work. While the actual repair work will need to be done by roofing professionals like us, investigating the source of the leak can help you gauge the extent of the damage. It will also give you an idea of how much repair work will need to be done.


Roof Inspection and Maintenance: Finding a Roofing Leak

When Do You Need to Investigate Leaks?

Ideally, you should investigate leaks as they happen. This also ensures that you find if the leak is affecting other parts of your home, such as electrical wiring, air conditioning and heating ducts, and attic insulation. You may also need to call an electrician or insulation contractor to address potential problems.

How to Find the Source of a Leak

Start with the area where the leak seems to be concentrated. No need to take measurements, but you have to be able to locate the spot in the attic that corresponds to the same area. If you’re using your attic for storage, have someone assist you with moving the items. There will likely be some dust, so wear a dust mask and clothes that you don’t mind getting some dirt on.

Call for Roof Repairs

Once you have determined the source of the leak, do not try to repair it yourself. Call a contractor who offers storm damage repair as part of their roofing services, as they have the right skills and equipment in dealing with severe roof damage. Don’t wait for the rain to stop. Contractors like Gut-R-Dun Exteriors can provide emergency repairs to arrest the leaks, then return later for a complete repair.

In the meantime, try to mitigate the water from getting into your indoor space. If if the leak is dripping from the roof deck, take some buckets into the attic to prevent water from soaking into the attic floor and the ceiling. Check if the water is anywhere near electrical lines or the HVAC damper systems. If it is, you may need to turn off the power until we stop the leak.

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