Know the Basics: 5 Main Causes of Roofing Leaks

Know the Basics: 5 Main Causes of Roofing Leaks

Leaks are the most common roofing problem. Every homeowner has to deal with them at some point in time. To solve this problem and prevent more leaks from springing up in the future, you need to understand its root causes.  Here are five common causes of roofing leaks.

Roofing Leaks

1. Condensation and Moisture Buildup

Condensation and moisture buildup are not, in themselves, problems per se. It’s what they can lead to that poses a problem. Over time, they can give your roof a dilapidated appearance and lead to constant leaks. On top of that, their presence encourages mold and mildew growth.

2. Compromised Insulation

When your siding or roofing insulation gets compromised, water can get everywhere. Water will surely leak into your attic, siding, and warp the various components of your home where it builds up. In addition, it can limit your energy efficiency levels.

3. Curling, Broken, or Missing Shingles

This is perhaps the easiest problem to spot. Since it’s an exterior component, all you need is a simple ocular inspection to see if there’s any cause for alarm. Alternatively, you can also look for signs of granules around your home as a sign of roofing degradation.

4. Clogged Gutters

It’s easy for leaves, pine needles, twigs, and other such debris to get caught up in your gutters. The result: messy and problematic clogs. The standing water can cause your roof to rust and ultimately leak. Prevent this by investing in a proper gutter protection system.

5. Underlayment Failure

There’s always the possibility of rainwater seeping through the roofing’s exterior part. That’s why the underlayment plays such an important part. Without it, you have one less level of insulation. Ask your roofer to check it periodically to avoid leaks.

Knowing and understanding the root causes can make tackling roofing leaks much easier. Take the time and effort to learn the basics of roofing. It’s sure to come in handy down the line.

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