Kindly read the terms of use carefully. By using Gut R Dun you agree on these terms of use.

This policy is a sequel of the terms of use.

  1. What Is The Privacy Statement?
    The Privacy Statement informs you about the reasons why we collect your information and how we use them in addition to how to change them.
  2. Kindly note that we do understand that you would like your information to be private and we will do our best to do so. We hope that you would trust us to keep your information private.
  3. What Do We Collect?
    We collect your full name, phone number, business name and legal entity, product description and photos, email address, P.O. Box, C.R. Number and verification documents, bank account number, credit/debit card number and CVV, browsing activities, OS used, phone/tablet/windows, country, timing, city, sessions. These information along with other information that are not mentioned will be collected from the users.
  4. Why Do We Collect Your Information?
    We collect your information to ensure that your company is already established or will be established in the near time. Other reasons might be for registration purposes or reporting and feedback purposes and to make sure that you are abiding the rules that are mentioned in the Terms Of Use, also to assist you in building your web store or to offer you the support that you need.
  5. When Do We Collect Your Information?
    We collect your information when you register to use our platform. You can change/add your information in the setting of your account. If you don’t provide some information we may not be able to allow you to use out platform.
  6. By registering to our website, you are providing your information on your without any force from Gut R Dun side.
  7. If you shared any information related to you as a person or to your business in public, on our platform, social media or anything related to Gut R Dun you accept that we are not responsible of any incidents that may arise since you shared the information voluntarily.
  8. Your information could be shared with other parties if a transaction was to take place.
  9. Gut R Dun will be using cookies to collect data from its users such as identifying them when they sign in, conduct targeted advertisements, understand their purchasing behavior along with other reasons that would help both parties (site and user) succeed in their businesses.
  10. You accept that this privacy policy may change at any time for the user convenience. The site will send notifications in case of changes.