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Can I do roof-repair myself? roofing
  • It is not advisable at all, because it can lead to serious accidents. It should be left to professional roofing contractors. Your professional roofing contractor near you, will ensure the durability of materials to be used, make sure of the perfection of the repair work done, use optimum time to execute the job and even offer you guarantees for the job. In other words, for a peace of mind, get the roofing repair job done by a roofing company.

Can new shingles be put over old roofing shingles? roofing
  • Yeah sure! Asphalt shingles or composition shingles, can be put up over old roofing shingles. This process is called re-roofing.

How long should a roof repair last? roofing
  • Fiber cement shingles can last about 25 years. Asphalt shingle or composition roofs can last about 20 years. However extreme local weather conditions such as rain, storm, snow, hurricane and hail can cut down the life of a roof. Metal, slate and tile roofs lasts over 50 years.

Do you provide any warranty? others
  • Yes we do! Our products are backed by Life Time Warranty.

How long does it take to put up shingles on a roof? roofing
  • Normally it just takes about one day.