How to File an Insurance Claim After Wind Damage

How to File an Insurance Claim After Wind Damage

Ohio may not see the high-caliber tornadoes found in Oklahoma, Kansas and across the Great Plains, but it does see its share of high winds and low-level tornadoes each spring and summer. If your home becomes damaged and you find yourself in need of a roofer, it is important to follow the proper steps to file your insurance claim.


Check the Documents for Your Policy

The first thing you should do after finding wind damage is to check your insurance policy documents. There may be stipulations surrounding what kind of condition your roof or other parts of your home must have been in prior to receiving damage. Because you never know when a storm will hit, you should check these documents at least once per year to ensure you aren’t hit with any surprises.

Photograph the Damage

Take pictures of any damage you find so that you can show them to your insurance agent. Do this for the exterior and interior as needed, ensuring the pictures are clear and timestamped. This allows the agent to look back at weather reports and verify a storm occurred in your area and caused the damage.

Contact Your Agent Right Away

Talk to your insurance agent as soon as possible to ensure you are within the company’s required timeframe. Ask any questions you may have and be sure to follow your insurance company’s procedures regarding temporary repairs.

Find a Roofing Company

Begin your search for a roofing and gutter contractor. Get written estimates that include specific details about what the money will cover in terms of repair or replacement. Save any invoices or receipts you have for your temporary roofing or if you have to stay in a hotel. This helps secure reimbursement later down the line.

File Your Insurance Claim

During this process, an insurance claims adjuster may come do his or her own inspection. From here, you can use the provided form and follow your agent’s instructions regarding filing your claim.

Once your insurance claim has been approved, you can have your roof replaced. Always use a reputable contractor when seeking wind damage repair in Dayton, OH. It should be a verifiable business with a good reputation and solid references.

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