Home Improvement Projects for Weatherproofing

Home Improvement Projects for Weatherproofing

Keeping your residence safe from the denudation elements is a primary concern of every homeowner. Weatherproofing, which includes your roofing, siding and windows, plays a large role in this. If you’re not sure if your home is efficiently weatherproofed, you can choose to conduct some home improvement projects to this end.



Projects for Weatherproofing

At Gut-R-Dun Exteriors, we’ve got some ideas on what projects can improve the weatherproofing of your home.

Roofing Replacement

Take a careful look at your roofing. You might find it aging or it may have been damaged by the weather. You might see cracked shingles and sagging areas that require immediate replacement. Other times, the age and the fade in color is a subtle call for help. Ask Gut R Dun for your home improvement requirments such as roof repair, roof installation, roof cleaning or replacement. By investing in a roof replacement, you are improving the most significant weatherproofing element of your home. A more durable, efficient roof will be able to defend you better from weather and using newer materials can help you ensure that your roof is energy-efficient. You can also give your home a boost in its curb appeal and value.

For example, our roofing services include metal installation and replacement. Metal is a strong material that, with the right coating, can look great and keep you safe. It can handle rain, snow, sunlight and even fire to an extent. It also resists insects and rot. We have access to shingles provided by trusted manufacturers. These include GAF, Atlas, CertainTeed® and Drexel Metals.

Siding Replacement

Another important weatherproofing element that factors greatly is siding. The right siding material can keep the elements from affecting your walls. Like the roof, it can start fading or wearing down over time. Even if you paint over the siding, it might not be as durable as it was when it was first installed. That’s why you should find a reliable contractor to inspect your siding regularly and replace it as needed.

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