Gut-R-Perf Gutter Guard Warranty

Gut-R-Perf Gutter Guard Warranty

The Gut-R-Perf™ 20 Year No-Clog Warranty

The Most Simple and Straight Forward Warranty in the Gutter Guard Industry

If your gutters clog while protected by Gut-R-Perf, we will clean them for FREE

We are so confident in Gut-R-Perf that we offer a no nonsense guarantee for 20 years. If your gutters are ever to clog, we will clean them for free.  The innovative design of this perforated aluminum product prohibits debris such as leafs and maple seeds from entering your gutters. Gut-R-Perf also adds reinforced strength to the entire gutter system helping to prevent damage from falling objects like tree limbs. Provided there is no damage, abuse, alterations, or panel removal, Gut-R-Guard will guarantee clog free gutters for 20 years.

If damage to the product is caused by a natural act or by accident, contact your installing Gut-R-Guard dealer and they will work with your insurance company to replace the damaged

portion and the warranty will not be interrupted. An addendum to the original warranty outlining the damage/repairs should be recorded by the installing Gut-R-Guard dealer to


In the unlikely event that you need to file a warranty claim, please contact your Gut-R-Guard dealer for an inspection. The Gut-R-Guard dealer will file the claim on behalf of the homeowner.

In order to validate this warranty, the information below must be filled out by the homeowner and the approved Gut-R-Guard installer. The Gut-R-Perf must be installed

to the manufacturers specifications. The Gut-R-Guard dealer can do an annual inspection to ensure a maintenance free experience; otherwise the homeowner should periodically

inspect the system to ensure free flowing water into the guard and gutter. The Gut-R-Perf warranty does not protect against leaks due to faulty roof installation.  For added value to your home, this warranty is transferrable in the event you sell your home. Please contact your Gut-R-Guard dealer to document the transfer.