4 Serious Signs That You Need to Get New Gutters Soon

4 Serious Signs That You Need to Get New Gutters Soon

Gutters play an important role not just in the health of every roof, but also the health of every home. They may not be the most glamorous architectural feature around, but nothing can effectively prevent water damage better than a good gutter system.

4 Serious Signs That You Need to Get New Gutters Soon

Every responsible homeowner should know when to retire faulty gutters and downspouts. Regular maintenance can only keep them serviceable for so long. At some point, they will lose their effectiveness. For Gut-R-Dun Exteriors, there are the telltale signs when your gutters need replacement:

  1. CrackingCracked gutters and downspouts are no different from buckets with holes at the bottom. They allow the water to detour and go to places where it shouldn’t go, such as your siding, windows and foundation.

    There are many reasons gutters crack, but stress at the seams is the usual reason behind leakage. This is especially true when it comes to old-fashioned, sectional gutter systems. If you notice compelling evidence of cracks or splits, any experienced gutter company would recommend that you go seamless.

  2. PeelingEven a perfectly good paint job isn’t going to protect gutters and downspouts forever against moisture. Eventually, the paint will peel or bubble, leaving the material vulnerable to the elements. Noticing flecks of orange indicates rust, which suggests pooling water.
  3. StainingWater marks anywhere near your gutters point to leaks. Overflowing water will damage the soffit and fascia board. If you have localized cases of rot, it could mean that bad gutters are allowing the water to cascade to certain parts of your home’s exterior. Mildew growth around your home’s foundation is also proof that your gutters are no longer doing their job right.
  4. SaggingWhen your gutters and downspouts begin to pull away from the side of your home, replacing them is the most reasonable thing to do. Apart from hardware failure, it could mean your current gutter system isn’t efficient enough to drain the rain your roof catches.

At Gut-R-Dun Exteriors, we recommend investing in a seamless system with gutter protection to keep leakage to a minimum and to simplify upkeep. We provide comprehensive inspections and offer innovative solutions with stellar warranties to equip your home with a durable, efficient and low-maintenance gutter system.

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