Why Gutter Maintenance Is Important

Why Gutter Maintenance Is Important

Gutters are an essential part of every home. In addition to keeping your home dry, they also safeguard it from structural damage. Gut-R-Dun Exteriors, the area’s premier gutter company, discusses what happens when your gutters deteriorate and how maintenance can prevent it.

The Effects of Poor Gutter Maintenance

Gutters have to be free-flowing to preserve the structural integrity of your home. Clogged or leaking gutter systems would let rainwater into areas where it shouldn’t be and harm your property. Plus, excessive water would erode your landscaping, which would incur unplanned maintenance and replanting costs. Water could also get into the basement, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which, in turn, cause health problems.

When rainwater pools at your home’s foundations, the concrete will absorb the water, turn soft, and, ultimately, break down. This would later compromise the structural soundness of your home.

Importance of Gutter Maintenance

Gutters are susceptible to clogging as they are constantly exposed to the elements. Ideally, you should have your gutters maintained twice a year: once in the spring after the ice has fully melted and in the fall just after most of the leaves have fallen.

However, gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance is best entrusted to professionals. Gutter Experts will inspect for potential causes of problems, such as weakened joints, droopy gutters, and signs of corrosion.

You should also consider investing in a reliable gutter protection system. This way, you won’t have to deal with gutter maintenance. Nonetheless, you should pick an efficient one that can prevent the dangers of debris accumulation in your gutters.

When you turn to our team for your gutter protection needs, you are assured that your gutters will remain clog-free. We offer four exceptional gutter covers, including Gut-R-Perf®, Gut-R-Wave®, Gut-R-Mesh®, and Gut-R-Hood®. Each caters to different types and sizes of debris.

Count on Gut-R-Dun Exteriors for your gutter cover installation. Call us today at (937) 422-7709 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Dayton, Centerville and other nearby areas in Ohio.

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