Gutter Accessories for Uncommon Gutter Problems

Gutter Accessories for Uncommon Gutter Problems

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors offers more than just quality gutters and gutter protection systems. We also offer a wide variety of gutter accessories that solve uncommon gutter problems. Let us give you a quick look at some of these gutter accessories.


Gutter Accessories for Uncommon Gutter Problems

Rain Chains

If you have gutters in a tight spot where downspouts won’t fit, rain chains are the next best thing. Rain chains are chains made of copper links and installed from the gutter opening to the ground. The chain relies on surface tension to guide rainwater along its length, preventing splashes. Decorative elements can be added to the basic chain design.

Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are simply barrels that collect rainwater for later use, such as for watering plants or washing the car. During installation, a downspout is modified so the runoff goes into a specially-designed barrel. The barrel is fitted with a cover that prevents debris and mosquitoes from getting in, allowing access to clean, usable water when you need it. You will need a gutter company that knows how to properly modify the downspout to prevent rainwater from spilling near the foundation.

Drain Tiles

The “tiles” in this sense refers to traditional terracotta tiles, similar to the kind used in roofing. Drain tiles are basically perforated pipes embedded in gravel. What they do is provide a channel for rainwater to easily flow away from the premises, and onto drains, a sump pump or a sewage system, helping keep ground moisture at a minimum. A similar system called a French drain is used in other parts of the country.

Downspout Extensions

Some downspouts end up with short termination points, either because of recent remodeling or perhaps an installation error. In any case, you need to keep rainwater away from the foundations where it could cause damage, and downspout extensions can help. These extensions can be easily attached to any kind of downspout and are made of durable, flexible material.

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