4 Early Signs of Gutter System Damage

4 Early Signs of Gutter System Damage

Though you may think otherwise, malfunctioning gutters are quite a big deal, and need your immediate attention. Failing gutters can cause enough issues to impact your entire home, after all. As your trusted home improvement and maintenance expert, Gut-R-Dun Exteriors suggests you keep a keen eye on your gutters to curb problems early on.


Here are the four early signs of gutter damage every homeowner should watch out for:

1.       Exterior Signs

Homeowners should perform routine checks of home exteriors. Dirt and mulch stuck to the bottom of your siding signals water overflowing your gutters. It could be forming a puddle and then splashing up onto your home’s exterior. Check your fascia and the areas under the eaves for mold or peeling paint. This can be due to dripping water from overflowing gutters.

2.       Degraded Gutters

Your gutters will give you some warning signs when they’re failing. The easiest sign to spot is rust on the bottom part of the gutters. Rust indicates that water is sitting in your gutters. If gutters are pulling away from your home, you may have clogs and rotting fascia. Contact Gut-R-Dun Exteriors for expert gutter protection and rain gutter shields.

3.       Landscaping Erosion

Failing gutters prevent water flow through the gutters and out the downspouts. Water then flows over the gutters onto the ground damaging your landscaping. It forms a trough below the gutter’s edge from the constantly dripping water. If you notice standing water or soggy ground parallel to your home, you likely have a gutter problem. In freezing temperatures, a line of ice may form where the water fell and froze. Another sure sign of a clog is lack of water at the downspout. Pay close attention to this. If it’s not getting to your downspout, rainwater is definitely getting somewhere in or around your home.

4.       Siding Issues

While paint is designed to withstand moisture, constant exposure to it will leave tell-tale signs. Peeling paint is indicative of water overflows, the source of which is most likely flooded gutters. Make sure gutters are able to perform their key function of directing water away from your home.

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