The Winning Qualities of Gut-R-Dun Exteriors Gutter Guards

The Winning Qualities of Gut-R-Dun Exteriors Gutter Guards

In gutter protection, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Gutter guards come in different forms to counter the effects of unique variables prevalent in the area, such as roof pitch, foliage and weather patterns.


Unlike other contractors, our gutter company doesn’t just stick to a single gutter protection system. We offer four kinds of gutter guards with distinctive designs to suit your particular situation. Here’s a glimpse of the innovative gutter guards from Gut-R-Dun Exteriors:


Made from perforated aluminum, Gut-R-Perf has tiny holes designed to accommodate large amounts of water while preventing debris from coming in. Although it’s considered an entry-level leaf guard, it lends itself to retrofits and new construction. Also, it reinforces the strength of the gutter to help inhibit damage from falling heavy objects, like tree limbs. Guaranteed to remain clog-free for 20 years, it eliminates costly and taxing maintenance with annual professional inspection.


Likewise made from perforated aluminum, it’s great at preventing large, blockage-causing debris as well as sticky, wet objects from building up. The wave technology is unique to Gut-R-Wave, allowing the wind to travel underneath the debris, and dry it quickly. Perfect for retrofits, and guaranteed to stay clog-free for 25 years, this gutter protection product comes with corrosion-resistant screws.


Our iteration of the surgical-grade, micro-mesh gutter guard, Gut-R-Mesh is made from rigid aluminum for exceptional durability and maximum water intake. Its advanced design allows it to deny entry even to the smallest of debris, including asphalt shingle granules. Warrantied not to clog for 30 years, Gut-R-Mesh stacks up well against gutter guards of equal performance at a fraction of the price.


The gutter cover leaf protection system in our impressive selection, Gut-R-Hood shares the winning qualities of most hooded products, except it doesn’t cost as much. With its lifetime no-clog warranty, it will keep your gutters free from debris – or your money back.

Let Gut-R-Dun Exteriors help you choose the most suitable gutter guard for your home. Call us at (937) 422-7709 to schedule your free consultation in Centerville or Dayton, Ohio at your most convenient date and time.

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