Selecting the Right Gutter Guard for Your Home

Selecting the Right Gutter Guard for Your Home

Gutters help protect your home from water damage by redirecting gathered rainfall away from your home’s foundation. That said, debris that enters your gutter system can clog it and render it inefficient, leading to gutter problems. For this, installing an efficient gutter protection in Centerville, OH, makes for a great solution.


Gutter Guard

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors offers a wide selection of gutter guards and discusses the features of each option.


This is our most affordable leaf guard against debris, such as leaves and pine needles. This comes with a 20-year no-clog guarantee for your peace of mind.


This features small holes that block debris, such as maple seeds, which allow water to flow smoothly while wind blows debris away. This gutter guard also comes with a 20-year no-clog guarantee, ensuring your gutters are free of debris.


As a trusted gutter company in Dayton, Ohio, committed to providing reliable gutter covers, we take pride in our popular gutter guard option, the Gut-R-Mesh. It comes with a strong and high-flow aluminum base that   has an aluminum micromesh screen. This screen enables rainwater to flow steadily, while preventing roof shingle granules from entering. Most of all, this comes with a lifetime no-clog guarantee. This will surely lessen the need to maintain your gutters.


This is considered one of our most reliable gutter covers. The Gut-R-Hood uses surface tension to keep debris out of your gutter system, while letting water enter smoothly. Similar to our Gut-R-Mesh, this also comes with a lifetime no-clog guarantee.

You can count on Gut-R-Dun Exteriors to protect your gutters in Dayton, Ohio, with our exceptional range of gutter guards. You can expect them to handle any amount of downpour for a long period. Furthermore, they will ensure your gutter system is free of debris and functional. They are also aesthetically pleasing and therefore add more value to your home.

Let us help you choose the best gutter protection system to fit your needs. Call us today at (937) 422-7709 for more information about our gutter covers.

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