Heated Gutter Guards: 3 Reasons to Install These Today

Heated Gutter Guards: 3 Reasons to Install These Today

If you’re preparing your home for winter, be sure to include heated gutter guards in your list. Heated gutter guards stop icicles from forming and clogging your gutters. Moreover, these protection systems prevent various problems.


Heated gutter guards are ideal for the coming cold season. These are also perfect for homes with inadequate ventilation or attic insulation. Here are three things to know about this heated gutter protection in Centerville, Ohio:

Our heated gutter guards efficiently transfer heat without losing their other features. Their thin structure transmits heat while staying intact. As these transfer heat to your gutters, snow and ice melts even before these harden. Unlike other systems that are prone to detaching to the gutters, our heated gutter guards tightly clasp to the structure. These remain attached, no matter the weather condition.

Another reason to pick a heated gutter guard is its adaptability. Sometimes, a row of heat is enough to give protection and prevent icicles from forming. Other times, certain places including your skylight require more layers of heat. The great thing about our heated gutter guards is these have flexible heating cable placements. These allow for the addition of extra set of heating panels, if necessary. We also adapt to the needs of homeowners. You can install your heat cable to your gutter guards at anytime you choose.

Here, we designed our gutter guards to fit different budgets. Every area has different heating requirements. That’s why we make sure we know what your home needs before doing the installation. We do our best to design the system according to your specifications. Installing a heated gutter guard will prevent problems related to water and ice. You’ll notice how much you can save in your maintenance and utility costs over time.

Gut-R-Dun Exteriors is the go-to gutter company in Dayton, Ohio that installs quality heated gutter guards. We also make excellent inspections, repairs, and installations. Our brands are proof of the reputation that we have. We offer Mastic, Gut-R-Dun Micro Mesh, Rhino Gutter Guard, Alsco, Alcoa, and ShurFlo.

Aside from our gutter solutions, we also work on roofs, siding, and doors. Just let us know what you need today and we’ll provide the best home improvement solution possible. Call us at (937) 203-3677 to get started. We will be ready to assist you.

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